Right or Wrong – The Mid way (Part 1)

I prefer a maid; my mother in law does not!

I am a working mom; my friend is a stay at home mom!

I am a vegetarian; my husband is not!


The choices we make in our lives define who we are and what we want to be OR rather our choices stereotype our personalities. Given above are very minor examples of perspective which intentionally or not are judged to be right or wrong. Choices can tag you as complacent, rudimentary, modern etc.


It is not an atypical behavior; since childhood we are taught about ‘Deva’ & ‘Asura’, Hero & the Villain. So, whatever comes in between is common aam aadmi type of situation which nobody wants to discuss.

The mindset is skewed throughout the upbringing.

But then the question arises why not all humans take Right – the right way & Wrong –the wrong way. What causes the turbulence?


Throughout the history there are many mentions about mega wars between good & evil which perishes entire kingdoms and blossoms few. Today, we have evolved a little and understand what kind of catastrophe such extreme ideology can bring & hence we avoid wars.

But the irony is we still fight from within, with our people to claim our disposition of right & wrong. The result may not be evident or immediately visible but the impact is clear.

We live in a conjoined society, where clash of opinions are directly proportional damaged relations. This frequent clash of thoughts & perspectives hits the mind leading to stress, hatred, enmity, jealousy so on and so forth.

This is an era of mind war where self is killed. There is a wave of intolerance amongst us and this not just limited to political or social matters but sadly even in a family. Probably a nation can handle itself but balancing the art or right & wrong within a self is crucial.

Take a break, think on it and work towards your betterment, because here the war is within us.


Heartfelt letter from an employee to his boss!

Ever imagined what an employee really wants to convey to his superior which probably holds true at all levels.

Dear Boss

I would not waste time in stating that it was a pleasure working with you & I did learn few things from you. This letter is not about it and definitely not offensive.

I’ll put it straight. Boss… Learn to hear NO for your own good!

  • When I said, I need more time, doesn’t mean I’m lazy – I have assessed the scope of work
  • When I said, I can give report tomorrow not today, doesn’t mean I have laid back attitude – I am managing multiple tasks & have priority list to follow
  • When I said, I don’t think so it’s right, doesn’t mean I disagree – I have perspective
  • When I said, too much work pressure, doesn’t mean I overreact – I have work life balance to maintain

You push me probably thinking I can achieve better or outperform, but you are pushing me away from the likeliness I have of my work. I am a human not a hoofed mammal.

When we charge number of hours to client & you ask me to reduce them in order to impress client, I feel offended like a daily laborer. Our objective is not to over charge, but work load should be well communicated clearly to all stakeholders.

Hope you’ll understand the intent. Looking forward to work with you.


Earnest Employee

Why project fails? Introspect please..

When a project fails hardly anyone nurtures the postmortem process and wants the ‘Let go’ attitude. Certainly a report is drafted of what went right & wrong which only touches upon the tangible aspects of project like technical, marketing, procurement, sales etc but do we really introspect on the softer issues like ego management, prescriptive attitude?

It’s true that major projects fails due to improper planning but planning is a team work! And many a times a job is done, reports are made for the sake of it when our dear bosses refuse to hear NO and become prescriptive in nature. And mind it employees do it to proves their ‘Go Getter’ attitude (as mentioned in their CV)

In one of my experience a senior acknowledged that he caught a running train and couldn’t do much about it. But did he halt for a moment to understand in which direction the train was moving or was in a spree to prove his self. The key reason identified is high ego issues among senior executives. Result was obvious – Project Failure

Ok so we hear ‘You should put your foot down’, but is it really possible for a project in charge? In a hierarchical organization this statement does not hold true rather not entertained. Probably as the scale of operations are high, loss of one or two projects do not matter.

Repercussions of such scenarios are clear

  • Project destined to be doomed
  • Low motivation in subordinates
  • Wastage of time, effort and money
  • And lot many

What managers can do better?

  • Communicate – Study the complete project report / charter & if you find loopholes discuss with team & seniors before judging the hard work put in
  • Ask for help – Do not hesitate to go back to ex-peers to understand challenges. Get briefed properly
  • Be a good listener – Not always your juniors are dumb. Deal with your team as team do not abandon them as slaves
  • Inspire – you probably stepped into a shit but you need to find solution to make it right in sync with existing dynamics. People look for the miracle man aka change agent, but remember not to be chaotic.
  • Of course follow your gut, but do not choke others by demeaning them